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Nemesis Games
by James S. A. Corey Expanse Series

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This book's title is perfect to the letter. Wildly different than any of its four predecessors, we're back on this side of the Ring Gates and spending time with each of the members of the Rocinante to a degree we haven't yet--with each of them becoming the four POVs of the novel. It's worth noting that while chaos rages in the solar system, this novel is the midpoint of the series and doesn't do much beyond establish a litany of problems that the remaining four novels will work to resolve. Instead it focuses on deepening the crew who will confront those problems, and assures the reader that the broad scope and stakes of THE EXPANSE are in good hands with these authors. My favorite of the five I've read so far.

Where The Dead Sit Talking
by Brandon Hobson

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A very short, very heavy novel. It confronts colossally abstract issues in a concrete, stream-of-consciousness prose form that is equal parts introspection and a call to compassion for others' life experiences.

A Virgin River Christmas By Robyn Carr
by Robyn Carr

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Marcie lost her husband after he got wounded in Iraq. Bobby held on for 3 years but was unable to move, talk, or eat on his own. His commander Ian saved him in Iraq but when he saw him in that bed, he was mortified. Ian left and never c.e back. It was Marcies mission to find Ian and sure enough she does. He was out on the mountain outside of Virgin River.

The Ten Thousand Doors Of January
by Alix E. Harrow

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I give it a solid 4.5 stars. It is truly one of the better books I have read this year. The writing style and how it pulls together and weaves myths and stories from so many ages into a nearly wrapped portal fantasy was fantastic.

Blue Skies Robyn Carr
by Robyn Carr

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bike's ex husband dies of a heart attack. She is a pilot and now has full custody of her kids. She is ready to start over. She moves her family to Las Vegas. Her friends, Carlisle and Dixie follow her there after some tough things happen to them! Carlile us running from an abusive relationship and Dixie is leaving her life to start new!

The Girl And The Stars
by Mark Lawrence

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Took me a bit longer than I expected to get through, starting a new job throws all kind of wrenches into daily routines. Warning some spoilers ahead but tried to keep them at a minimum Overall I really like it, with the return to the world of Abeth we get a whole new cast of characters and locations from outside of Book of the Ancestors and everyone's favorite murder nuns. Although at the moment I am not sure what place in time this series takes place in relation to the other. At this time even the corridor and the moon reflector are considering children's stories. However there are now hints that all his books are interconnected from the post apocalyptic earth in Broken Empire and Red Queen's War to Abeth and the Book of the Ancestor and Ice. Now a question on how old certain characters really are and how they came to be here is still a mystery and hopefully some get answered in the next two books. And cliffhanger at the end with what appears to be the true villain was not one I was expecting.

Duct Tape Killer
by Phil hamman & Sandy Hamman

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Robert Leroy Anderson kidnapped, rapped, and killed Piper and Larisa. True story that takes place around Sioux Falls. My heart hurts after reading whT Leroy didn't those women and knowing that Piper is still missing makes me terribly glad justice was served.

Michael Vey Rise Of The Elgen
by Richard Paul Evans

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It was a thrilling adventure.

Always the Baker Finally the Bride
by Sandra Bricker

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The 4th and final book in the series--this book is a good way to end the series as it brings the series full circle from the first book, which talks about Emma's engagement, and now discusses her wedding and marriage. I enjoyed the entire series and only wish it continued on for a few more books. I read the books in order and they do build on one another (person from book 1 is married in book 2, person introduced in book 2 is a more prominent character in book 3, etc) but one could read the books out of order and get just as much enjoyment from the individual books.

An Everyday Hero
by Laura Trentham

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Such a good, wholesome book. It is exactly what you'd expect. I found myself wanting to continue to read as I wanted to know what was going to happen with the characters. A slight twist to the story at the end that I honestly didn't see coming. Great book, very light reading. I loved it.

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